Over the years, Deluxe Copywriting has produced content for a wide range of sectors, including finance, IT, industry, real estate, health, marketing, and many more. Due to the private nature of non-disclosure agreements, we are currently unable to present many of our previous pieces on this site; however, we can privately send you a specific sample related to your field if you ask for a sample piece within the contact form (assuming that the field in question has already been covered, of course).

Nevertheless, listed below is a broad selection of samples from various disparate industries, which should give you a good sense of the tone and meticulous attention to detail that goes into each project. As part of our service, you own the rights to use each article as if it were your own, which means there is no byline requirement (although we are happy to accept the credit if you wish!)




Construction (landing page)


Cybersecurity (Interview)



Food & Restaurants


Information Technology (Computers)

Information Technology (Big Data)

Interior Design



Manufacturing (Electrical Energy)

News (Pop Culture/Technology)

Pets and Animals

Real Estate

Security (Business)

Security (CCTV)

Sport (AFL)

Sport (Golf)

Technical Guide

Additionally, if you require any modifications for any of your bespoke pieces, they will be addressed swiftly at no extra charge by the writer or editor in charge.