As is common practice in copywriting, a 50% deposit on the total amount of your order is payable before work is commenced. An invoice will be delivered to you via email once you have placed an order, and a second one will be sent upon submission. Delivery times start immediately after receipt of payment, and an email will be sent to notify you when payment has been received. All orders are delivered less than 72 hours after receiving payment; however, if you require 24-hour delivery, a 25% surcharge will apply. Payments can be made via PayPal (with fees) or direct deposit (no fees). The final amount is payable in US dollars or its current exchange equivalent in Australian dollars.

From June to September 2019, we’ve decided to experiment with an offer-only system that shifts the onus of remuneration amount to the client. If the budget aligns with our expectations, we will accept the job. We understand that not all jobs are equal in nature; moreover, certain jobs require far more research and expertise than other articles. So, upon making a submission, please let us know what budget you have to work with, and we’ll assess it accordingly.